lunes, 27 de abril de 2009

Old photos: an Emotional Voyage

Here is a remarkable experience: open your old photo albums and take time to look at all the pictures. If you have more than 30 years to cover, it will make for an even better emotional voyage.

People who were such an intricate part of my life but are no longer close, different times when I was happier or sadder (how much do I really remember?). The haircuts and clothing styles. These eyes of mine that are looking out now into the past, have they learned? Have they taken in all those experiences from the past to be here now fully and wiser? Are these memories a part of me at all?

I could feel the waves of affection for those smiling faces, the good times full of music and pathos, the trips to new territories with loved ones.

All my albums are old now and only becoming older as time goes by (it happens to the best of us). Who has traditional photo albums any more? I certainly don’t keep them now just many, many folders of digital photos. It would have been nice to post an actual picture but I would need a scanner to blog them. It's as if two different worlds were colliding and I needed to transcend some gate to get the paper into cyberspace.

Of that I am certain, we are witnesses as the old and the new collide.

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